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I just wanted to give all of you a little update on why there hasn’t been much content recently, It all comes to I have been very busy working for to little money as well as moving and getting everything set up. I promise to start making more content quite often from now on.

To prove that content is coming I decided to make a game review I thought you be interested in, I don’t usually make game reviews on this website but I thought this game would fit in perfectly. It’s called Project Spark, A free game creation system made for Windows 8.1 and the Xbox One, If you have one or both of them you should definitely go and check it out.
Click here for my review of Project Spark.

Welcome to GMS Tutorials, We hope to provide you with easy to follow, Step by step tutorials from a Beginner all the way to a Master. Showing you everything you will need to know to start making your own great games, In no time at all! We have just opened and we already have three tutorials ready to go! The first being How to install GameMaker: Studio for free, As well as an in depth tutorial on how to make your very first game. We hope to becoming out with more tutorials in the near future, So stay tuned!